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Compact Air Chucks from TPC Automation

tpc automation video

Compact air chucks in this video are shown opening and closing on our test bench at TPC Pneumatics quality assurance lab. Pneumatic chucks can clamp and release products inside an industrial automation system.

Video of a Clamping Air Chuck

The video below shows TPC Automation’s compact pneumatic chucks in action. The clamping devices are powered by air. They open and close when attached to compressed air running through a pneumatic valve.

  • Available in 4 bore sizes: Ø8, Ø12, Ø16, Ø20.
  • Compact air chucks have a strong dual cylinder gripping force
  • Lightweight. precise gear minimizes backlash.
  • Piping option axial and lateral direction.
  • Variable installation direction.
  • Buy now at

Description of a Pneumatic Chuck

chuck is a work-holding device used in industrial automation applications. These clamping fixtures are used to securely position support an automated work in process. This ensures that parts produced using the fixture will maintain conformity and interchangeability. Also, using a compact air chuck improves operation, and it provides a quick transition in handling product. Pneumatic chucks reduce the requirement for labor and simplifies an automated production run.

Photos of TPC Air Chucks

Below, you will see the air chucks pictured in the open position. You will notice that the chucks have two ports connecting them to the air supply.

Imagine these chucks in an automated system for food production or cosmetics manufacturing. You can see how they are used to clamp a product in place, so that another automated process can be performed on the clamped product.

Open Air-Chuck

Below is a photo of compact air chucks. The picture shows the clamping setting in the closed position. As you can see, they have an excellent dual cylinder gripping force.

Open or closed, you can see that the chucks operate very quickly and have sturdy construction. The quality and durability of their construction is apparent.

closed compact air chuck
Closed Compact Air Chuck

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